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Jim Bregman

American judo champion and administrator.

Who's Who in the Martial Arts

Keiko Fukuda

One of the highest-ranked female judoka in the world.

Wrote "Born for the Mat"

Anton Geesink

The 1st man to beat the Japanese at their own sport.

Wrote "My Championship Judo"

George Harris

Member of the 1964 US Olympic team.

3X Gold Medal Winner in the Pan-American Games.

Jigoro Kano

"The Father of Judo"


Gene LeBell

American Judo Champion.

He studied judo, karate, jujutsu, boxing, and wrestling.

Gene is being thrown.

Kyuzo Mifune

10th Degree Black Belt

Wrote "Canon of Judo"


Phil Porter

American Judo Author

Past President of the USJA

9th Degree Black


Teddy Roosevelt

Brown Belt In Judo

Had a Dojo right at the White House.

James Cagney

Movie Star

Black Belt In Judo

James is doing the techinque.

Gerald Russ Conkle

Mark Hunter's Judo Instructor

Lima Family YMCA - Lima, Ohio 

Patrick Burris

1972 & 1976  Olympics

1996 Olympic Coach

1976 Judo Instructor Of The Year

Pictured with Mark Hunter